I recently escaped a rainy spring in Jackson Hole, WY to the north shore of Kauai, then to San Francisco for a combo beach getaway and wedding weekend. What to pack for a variety of activities? The Mountain Khaki Men’s Camber 107 Pants.

I began the trip wearing my Mountain Khaki Camber 107 pants with a six-hour drive, three flights and layovers, culminating in a one-hour drive. From standing in long security lines to binge watching movies on the long flight, the soft fabric and lightweight feel of the pants kept me in comfort throughout what turned out to be a very long day.

The Camber 107 pants are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The pants feel great on, and I appreciate the designed-for-movement features: slight stretch to the fabric, loose fit, and “action gusset.” I first noticed the benefits of the design in a deep knee bend while picking up luggage, and again during a 100-yard dash across SFO airport in pursuit of a tight connection. The Camber 107 pants have traditional blue jean-style pockets with an additional snap pocket on the left leg, all of which I found useful on our journey. When we finally arrived after a 16-hour travel day, I was pleased with my choice of pants. I ended up wearing them throughout our trip.

After a week of hiking and surfing in Kauai, I tested out my Mountain Khaki Camber 107 pants for city style in the Bay Area. I wore the pants for a night out in San Francisco, beginning with a big group dinner a nice restaurant. Several friends commented on how well I was working my mountain style, and one person even noted how nice the pants looked from the back. Hmm!  While I fell short of being fashionably aligned with the hipsters at the late night bar scene, it was fun to know that I was looking good in the city while representing my hometown style. Mountain Khakis claims Jackson Hole, WY as their home base.

Once we got back home to Wyoming, I wore my Mountain Khaki Camber 107 pants to a work meeting. After putting some extra effort to unwrinkled the pants post-wash, I set off on my bike feeling good about my choice. Apart from an issue with catching the gusset of the pants on my bike seat (one drawback of the loose-fitting cut) I found the pants to be more than passable, even for work. During this meeting, my mind drifted to the versatility of the pants. I decided to create a long-term action plan to maximize the value, beginning with wearing them to work for as long as I can get away with it. Once the pants began to age, I’ll wear them on the town and to dinner parties. After I spill enough food and wine on them, I’ll use them for hiking, light construction, gardening and other chores, where I can finally make use of the reinforced knees and heavy-duty cuffs. I am feeling confident the Mountain Khaki Camber 107 pants are up for it.

I have the Yellowstone color option in size 34W/32L, which resembles a classic khaki color. The pants also come in Terra, which is a darker grey shade. They offer almost every size option from 30/30 to 44/34.

Bottom line: A light and comfortable pair of pants with Jackson Hole mountain style for a wide-variety of indoor and outdoor uses. versatility and balance of comfort, style and function.

Manufacturer’s site: www.mountainkhakis.com/

buy-now $70, available in five colors at Amazon.