There’s everything to love about Mountain Khakis’ Men’s El Camino Shirt.

It’s comfortable. It’s simple. It’s stylish.

Right outta the box I liked the retro-ish fabric and pearl snaps. A little bit 50’s a little bit cowboy, or rather, some cool space in between. I like the contrast colored stripes and the thin collar; I even liked the snazzy little chest pocket.

I like the El Camino Shirt because it’s comfortable and it’s “nice” enough to wear to dinner or a backyard barbecue, but it’s durable enough to wear around the campfire and on the trail. I like having versatile clothing because I like to keep my life simple. This shirt has become one of my favorites.

Available in S-XXL in three styles/colors.

$69.95 $41.95 at Amazon (selected styles/sizes)