I’m not a big fan of leggings. I’ll wear them for warmth or for exercise, but I don’t find them that comfortable. Mountain Khaki’s women’s Solitude Slouch Pant is much more my style.

I’m an old-school sweat pants gal, so if I’m in any situation where I don’t need two wear casual attire (pants or a skirt), I’m in my sweats. The Solitude Slouch Pant has been the ideal lounge and travel pant for me. Styled like chunky sweats, with an extra-wide waistband (and a drawstring so I can cinch them tighter if I need to) and matching wide ankle cuffs, the xxx is actually a step above my old sweat pants because it’s made out of thinner, lighter weight cotton. That means I get the loose, baggy style I like in a much thinner, softer fabric. Very nice.

I wore the Solitude Slouch Pant several times a week during my three-week vacation. It was the perfect garment for cool days when I stuck around my host’s home, playing with the kids or working on my computer, or out and about, running errands.  Surprisingly, we had a few chilly nights when I ended up sleeping in the Solitude Slouch Pant because I felt too cozy to change into my pajamas.

The pant is quite stretchy, getting bigger as I wear them, but the fabric pulls right back together after washing. I like the handy side pockets. They’re big enough to warm my hands and deep enough to hold my iPhone.

Available in women’s sizes XS-L.

Bottom Line: Lighter in weight than my usual sweat pants, very comfortable.

Manufacturer’s site: mountain khakis.com

$60 at Skis.com