I was expecting a thicker, cottony type of pant, but have been pleasantly surprised by the Mountain Khakis Women’s Traverse Pant.

Made out of a soft, silky, ultra lightweight fabric (87% poly/13% spandex), the slim fit track-style pant has been perfect for hiking, exercising, and traveling. I like to be comfortable when flying and during long bus rides. The Women’s Traverse Pant is ideal because, despite its slim fit, it has plenty of stretch so I never feel bound. It’s a dream for hiking because it’s so lightweight and breathes well.

I love the easy fit. I admit I’m carrying an extra 40 pounds these days, so I was worried the pant wouldn’t  fit right. But it does. With a nice wide waist band that contains a very thin elastic band inside the top of the band (that I just realized has a drawcord inside the band), the Women’s Traverse Pant is a mid-rise pant that I can also wear as a low-rise pant. The loose waistband is nice because it doesn’t bind and I can fold it over to wear the pants where I like. I can also cinch it tighter if I want to.

There is so much stretch in the pant that I get the benefit of the slim look with the range of motion of a much baggier pant. Bonus. I wear the Traverse Pant for everything: yoga, hiking, and walking around town with a  grey hoodie just to look stylish! The fabric is ultra comfy, quick-drying, and has a DWR coating for water repellency. I haven’t been able to test the water repellency because I’ve only worn them on either sunny days or rainy days that are so rainy the pant gets soaked. I think they would hold up much better to a light drizzle.

The Women’s Traverse pant is available in petite and regular length in sizes 2-14. I have long legs and found the regular to be adequate in length.

buy-now$89.95  on sale for $62.98 at Amazon.