When I travel I need versatile clothing, especially when I land in a place like Iceland that has constantly changing weather. The Mountain Khakis Women’s Traverse Tight Capri has been an ideal garment for me this summer.

Made out off a soft, silky, lightweight fabric (84% poly/16% spandex), the capri pant is very comfortable for exercising and hiking. I’ve also been wearing it under my skirt to keep my legs warm on cold days. I’m not usually a tights/leggings person. I find tights either too tight or not tight enough. There’s nothing worse than a body-hugging bottom that I have to constantly pull up. So I’ve been happily surprised by how much I enjoy wearing the Mountain Khakis Women’s Traverse Tight Capri.

The stretchy fabric makes the capri ideal for yoga, stretching, power walks, and hikes. The pant stays in place but doesn’t make me feel like a sausage. Somehow it feels a bit loose but still doesn’t slip down. Lately I’ve been wearing the capri under a skirt (modesty), and it does a good job of breathing and wicking away sweat. It’s also quick-drying, so doing laundry on the road is no problem.

The Mountain Khakis Women’s Traverse Tight Capri comes in a dark pink color with tiny black stripes and in an aqua blue color with tiny black stripes. I really like the colors and the capri goes well with all my black tops and skirts. There’s a small stash pocket in the back of the pant that’s ideal for my key when I’m out exercising.

Available in sizes XS-XL. I found a great fit in a size L. I’m 6′ tall and about 180 pounds.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.mountainkhakis.com

buy-now$79.95  on sale for $55.98 at Amazon.com.