Since I take extra good care of my Apple devices, I’ve never had to replace any USB or power cords…unless this year. Between graduate school and travel, I started noticing serious wear and tear on my USB cords. Wrapping them in tape didn’t really help. So, for my latest adventure, a month-long hiking trip in Iceland, I packed a NewerTech Premium USB Charge/Sync Cable.

The first thing I noticed about this hefty cable: it has a much thicker, more protected cord. Sheathed in a tough woven nylon material, the NewerTech cable is seriously durable. I can actually bend it into shapes, which is nice when I need to snake it through or around furniture.IMG_4891

When I pack it into a pocket in my computer bag, I just wrap it around my hand and slip it into a sleeve. I don’t use a padded pouch anymore because this cable is tough enough to handle whatever abuse it gets in transport. Also, repeated use and packing over the past seven weeks hasn’t seemed to make any impact on the cable. I don’t see any strain or fraying in the super reinforced sheathing. Nice.

Another feature I like about the NewerTech USB to Lightning plug cables: they come in several colors, including white, black, bright blue, bright green, and hot pink. Although I’m a dedicated Apple fan, I actually prefer having a charging cable in a contrast color; it’s easier to find in my bag. It’s also easier to locate the device I want when I’m charging several items.

Finally, I really appreciate that the NewerTech Premium USB Charge/Sync Cables are available in a variety of lengths. It makes charging so much easier when I have an extra long cord.

The only problem I had with this product: I wast able to use the cable with my iPhone when it’s in its Otter case. The thicker casing on the Lightning end of the cable is too thick to fit into the case’s opening. However, the cable fits into the opening in the Otter case I have on my iPad mini.


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