One can never have too many flashlights, especially if one is as careless as me and loses them all the time. Thanks to Nite Ize, I’m trying to take better care of my gear; I don’t want to lose my fancy pocket-size 3-in-1 LED Mini Flashlight.

With a durable aluminum body, enhanced with a textured surface for a good grip, the 80 lumens Nite Ize 3-IN-1 LED Mini Flashlight is an ideal all-purpose flashlight for home use, camping, and traveling. I’ve been using mine for weeks on my evening power walks. The light has two power buttons; each controls one end of the light.

As the sun fades, I use the Nite Ize 3-IN-1 LED Mini Flashlight in red “glow” mode to increase my visibility. The cool think about the muted red glow light on one end of the light is that is has attachments for a lanyard, allowing me to  hang the light from my belt or backpack. Once it’s dark out, I use the opposite, flashlight end of the light for a full-beam that lights my way (it throws light 164 feet according to Nite Ize). It’s handy for seeing stray roots on trails in my local parks and uneven cement squares in my neighborhood sidewalks.


Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED

My favorite light in the Nite Ize 3-IN-1 LED Mini Flashlight is the mini-lantern light on the flashlight end of the light. I just pull the black casing for the main light bulb away from the light handle, and an opaque tube appears that’s about 3/4″ long. I was surprised by how much light the tube throws off. Since it’s winter and I’m homebound most of the time thanks to my graduate studies, I use the lantern function all the time. Using the Nite Ize 3-IN-1 LED Mini Flashlight in lantern mode gives me plenty of light to read for an hour in bed when the room lights are off. It’s a great option since I can still fall asleep since there’s no overhead light, and when I’m ready for sleep, I just turn off the lantern. Nice not having to get out of bed to turn off the light.

I like that both the flashlight and lantern have low and high settings. The safety light also has a flashing mode and an SOS flashing mode. Cool.

Available in four colors. Uses one-AA battery.

Bottom Line: A versatile pocket-size LED light that’s ideal for home use, exercising, travel, and camping.  Make a great gift!

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