I’ve been a big fan of NiteIze gadgets and lights over the years, so I was happy to test their Powerkey™ Mini Power Cord, a perfectly portable power cord that helps me charge my iPhone anywhere I go.

I try to keep a zippered pouch of cords in my computer bag, but I always end up removing them to use them at home. Then I’m at school or a meeting with my iPhone about to fizzle out before I realize I never put the power cord back in my pouch. The Nite Ize Powerkey™ Mini Power Cord is ideal because it’s tiny, and it comes in its own metal storage case, so it’s well-protected and easy to stash in my pouch, my pocket, or in any little zippered pocket in my pack.

With it’s handy key ring, I can attach it to the lanyard inside my bag or pack so I always have it with me. Currently, I have too many keys on my key ring, but when I get around to figuring out what they’re for and leaving most of them in my “stuff” drawer, I’ll be replacing my old key ring with the Nite Ize Powerkey™ Mini Power Cord. I just love little gadgets like this that I’d never think to buy for myself (hint: an ideal gift item for the traveler in your life) and end up using all the time.

I like that the cord is just about two inches long so if I toss it into my pouch without its case, it doesn’t get all tangled up. When I need it, I can plug it into my computer to charge my iPhone or into any USB outlet. It’s available in micro USB ($14.99) and Apple Lightning ($24.99) with several different colored cases options.

buy-nowmicro USB $14.99 available at Amazon; Apple Lightning $24.99 (less on Amazon.com)