Skirts have become a staple among female hikers (and runners) for their comfort, mobility, and improved airflow. It’s an added bonus for active women to look decent for the inevitable post-hike burgers and brews. Ashland, OR-based Purple Rain Adventure Skirts has recently become a runaway hit with thru-hikers seeking that necessary versatility.

Purple Rain’s basic model, the Adventure skirt, is designed specifically with our needs in mind. A flat, 4” wide, stretchy fabric tube (think yoga or maternity pants) replaces the traditional waistband, providing a smooth, pinch-free landing spot for my pack’s waistbelt. The skirt itself is made of a quick-drying woven synthetic-blend fabric that has plenty of stretch for crawling over downed logs. A pair of super-functional side pockets double as hand warmers and as storage pockets (with a secure flap) large enough for most cell phones. The 20-inch total length hit me (5’9”) just above the knees.

Stylewise, Purple Rain’s Adventure Skirt looks good enough to wear into town, but, in my opinion, it’s slightly too technical-looking to wear as an everyday piece. The quality of materials and construction is high, as one would expect from cottage gear, and at $60, the Adventure Skirt well-priced. Sizing runs a little on the big side; I returned my extra-large for a large. Bonus: for an extra $10, custom sizing is available.

Details: Sizes S-XL, Material(s): 95% Poly / 6%Spandex

Bottom Line: This is a well-designed, very wearable hiking skirt with all of the right features. My only complaints (and they are minor) are: 1.  the pockets are right on the hips, which isn’t super-flattering, and 2. my ginormous Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone doesn’t fit in the pocket.

buy-now  $60,