From Rickshaw’s Labworks Collection, Rickshaw’s Square Duffel Bag  has quickly become my favorite all-purpose bag for short trips.

Custom made in San Franciso, this limited edition duffel is designed to carry quiet a bit of gear without looking too bulky. The bag isn’t boxy or round, but a nice in-between shape with some urban flavor. This is no typical gym bag.

The Rickshaw Square Duffel Bag’s square bottom gives it a nice, flat foundation. The sides of the bag are firm enough to stand up on their own, so it’s easy to pack the duffel full. It’s a deep bag, and there’s plenty of room for a pair of shoes, workout gear, and a towel. Yet, I like this bag too much to use it for the gym.

I can fit in a few changes of clothes, my toiletries bag, socks, underwear, and my iPad for a weekend away. In fact, the only reason I don’t use it as my only carry-on bag when I travel for longer periods of time is that I travel with too many shoes. If I leave out shoes, I can easily pack four or five shirts and a couple of pairs of pants–enough for a week!

The Rickshaw Square Duffel Bag I tested was made out of Rickshaw’s Waterproof X-Pac™ material and lined with tough Cordura Nylon™, an ideal combo for durability and protection. I live in a rainy climate, so I love having a bag that keeps my gear dry. The lightweight bag has a chunky zipper and large D rings on each end. I love the wide shoulder strap because it’s detachable and because the strap clips swivel, which makes carrying the bag more comfortable that a bag with stiff, immobile straps.

Bottom Line: Volume, a pleasing design, durability, and style. Can’t think of anything else I’d need from a weekend bag. A custom-made bag — what a great idea for the man or women who has everything!

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