I’m a big fan of merino wool and an even bigger fan of merino wool hoodies. What could be more versatile and essential on a month-long trip to Iceland?

The Skhoop Moa Merino Hood is an 80% merino/20% poly blend top with a nice wide zippered collar, a cozy kangaroo hand warmer pocket, and thumb-looped sleeves. The collar provides excellent warmth and weather protection on cold days, with the added bonus of having a snug-but-not-tight hood.

I like the raglan-style sleeves of the Skhoop Moa Merino Hood because they give the top a custom fit around my shoulders. This style also makes layering and carrying a pack more comfortable because there are no seams on my shoulders. I’ve been wearing the top for the past few weeks while traveling, hiking, and to stay warm on cold days. One day it’s warm and sunny, the next day it’s 43 degrees F and cloudy. Thanks to wool’s ability to keep me warm in the cold and breathe when I’m warm, I’ve worn the top as a base layer under an insulation jacket, under a heavier weight zippered merino hoody, and under my favorite wind jacket. It’s also my “go to” pullover when I need sweatshirt cosiness.

On all occasions, the shirt has been comfortable, breathable, and done a decent job of wicking. Since I’m traveling, I wore it for almost three weeks before washing it. I’m glad that merino wool is naturally resistant to odors because when I’m on the road I can’t always find a place to do laundry. Also, when I do laundry, this top dries very quickly, in spite of the high humidity. The Skhoop Moa Merino Hood softened up significantly after washing, too, making it even more cosy.

Fitwise, I think the top pretty close to what I usually wear. I was in between sizes and chose to go with a size L, although these days I’m carrying a lot of extra weight and wearing an XL in some brands. The top fits fine, but since I like wearing it as a mid-layer, I probably should have gone up a size. One thing about the fit was confusing. The size chart describes the torso length of the top as 27 inches, which doesn’t seem right. I’m tall and have a long torso. Scandinavian brands usually fit me perfectly and run longer in length, but this top feels shorter than 27″. Still, I think most women will find the length adequate.

Available in black, blue, and orange.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.skhoop.us