So I’m not a backcountry warrior. I probably won’t be stringing up a makeshift tent between two trees or making a tourniquet with a length of paracord any time soon.  Still, a gal should be prepared, and in the meantime, I’ve been enjoying wearing my custom-colors, rugged Survival Straps bracelet.

The chunky sterling silver clasp and complementary black and purple cords make up a stylish combo. Since I was able to order the bracelet by my wrist measurement, it fits perfectly (which means it’s very comfortable because it doesn’t slide around on my wrist). I love wearing it because I like having something decorative on my wrist that’s durable enough to wear on hikes, during workouts, and while swimming. I never take it off.

IMG_4718When I ordered my bracelet I opted for a smaller braid style since I have small wrists, but Survival Straps makes several different styles and sizes of paracord bracelets. In fact, they sent me two bracelets: one to wear and one to deploy (pictured)!

I had several chances to use my paracord bracelet this summer while traveling in Iceland. Unraveling my extra bracelet took about ten minutes once I was able to release the ends of the bracelet, near the clasp. With a couple of feet of “500 lb. test military spec” cord, I was ready for action. Its first highest and best use was helping me dry my clothes during my last night in Reykjavik. A clothes line is a far cry from a live-saving tourniquet, but it was nice to have.



The next day, I stored my luggage in the basement of my hotel for several hours while killing time at the local pool before a six-hour long bus ride to Northest Iceland. A bit apprehensive about leaving my bags in an unlocked room, and knowing how forgetful I can be, I used the paracord to tie my three bags together. It actually gave me some piece of mind knowing that it would take someone awhile to undo the bags and that when I returned I wouldn’t walk off and accidentally leave my daypack or computer bag. I used the cord again to tie my bags together in the stowage area of the bus so I wouldn’t forget any of them after the long ride.

Bottom Line: Rugged adornment, emergency aid, or clothesline, the Survival Strap bracelets might just be the ideal gift for the guy or gal who has everything.

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