I have long skinny feet and am prone to arch pain, cold toes, and knee pain if my shoes are too heavy. I also live in Minnesota, where the ice and snow can send anybody to the ground with a resounding thud in seconds flat.  So, I need to find shoes that can handle the weather but also work for my feet. Enter The Teva Arrrowood Lux Mid shoes.

I didn’t take the shoes too seriously out of the box because they are whisper light.  It turns out that this is their super power.  They read like  hiking boots but feel like sneakers.
The Teva Arrrowood Lux Mid shoes have soles with  have deep traction, providing sure footing everywhere from icy, gas-slicked parking lots to frost covered docks.  They are comfortable enough to be worn all day.  I wear them most often on long walks and romping around town; they are happily up to the task.
I like the lace-up system I can be ready to go in a jiffy just by hooking the laces around the top two hooks and tying em up.  The Teva Arrrowood Lux Mid shoes have proven to be waterproof and have kept my feet warm and dry in driving rain and sleet.
I don’t think these shoes are particularly stylish–I have never been a fan of white soles–but I frequently get compliments on them.  I do like the blue accent colors with the tan leather.
Available in women’s sizes five through 11, including half sizes, in Black and Cognac. Also available in men’s sizes seven to 14, including half sizes. Colors: Black, Blue, Cognac, and Brown.
Bottom Line: I would recommend the Teva Arrrowood Lux Mid shoes to anyone looking for the support and protection of a boot with the comfort of a sneaker.
Manufacturer’s Site: www.teva.com