I’ve been a fan of Teva footwear for a long time, and still have a pair of suede sandals I bought 20 years ago. So, I was very happy to test a fancy update on the original Teva sandal!

The first thing I noticed about the Teva Universal Patent Leather Sandals was how amazingly comfortable they are! I first wore them at a block party in my neighborhood where I ended up standing in almost the same place for two hours. My feet never got sore! The foam rubber footbed is a full inch thick, and it has just the right give to it to support my feet, which helps them stay comfortable.

Walking in the Teva Universal Patent Leather Sandals is also comfortable. It’s summer here in Seattle, and I’ve been wearing the sandals most days. I like that they’re completely adjustable. With Velcro straps in three places, I’m able to adjust them just right for my long, narrow feet. Every now and then I wear them with socks (that’s right, no laughing, it’s practical!), and I can loosen the straps just a bit to allow for the socks. They feel great on long walks or while running errands (standing in line, driving, and walking on hard surfaces).

I love the fancier look of the black patent leather straps and the solid black footbed. I can wear my Teva Universal Patent Leather Sandals with a skirt or shorts in the evening and actually look a bit more dressed up than if I’m wearing my regular Teva sandals that look more outdoorsy or sporty.

The Teva Universal Patent Leather Sandals also have  good traction with “grooved” soles. I work on boats and the traction helps me run around a boat as I need to even while it’s moving.

Bottom Line: Extremely comfortable, versatile, and dressier than typical sports sandals.

Materials: Patent leather and rubber. Sizes: 5 – 11, whole size only (run wide)

Manufacturer’s Site: Teva.com

buy-now$90  at Amazon.com.