A poncho is one of those garments that you either love or you hate. Every time I slide into my Honcho Poncho, I’m instantly warm and happy. My husband, on the other hand, shows a different kind of joy by pointing and laughing.

So it’s not the most stylish garment I own; it gets the job done. This one-size-fits-all topper can be worn as a poncho or used as a makeshift 55 x 70” blanket when laid out flat (the hood tucks into the neck hole in this configuration). When worn as a poncho, the back is longer than the front. I appreciated this feature while attending a Seahawks game in chilly weather; my backside stayed warm!

The Honcho Poncho’s exterior shell fabric has a durable water-resistan t finish that has sustained multiple trips through the washer without diminished functionality. The polyester fabric lining the poncho is slightly softer and does not feel clammy against my skin. A pair of side snaps keeps breezes out, and the hood (large enough to cover a helmet) has twin drawcords at the front. An oversized, zippered kangaroo pouch (the poncho also has insulated handwarmer pockets) on the front of the Honcho Poncho flips inside-out to create a storage pocket, giving the Honcho Poncho a third use as a pillow.

I like the Honcho Poncho‘s versatility. I can close it around me or open the side snaps when I want to cool down or to get better leg coverage by a campfire, as I did when car camping Eastern Oregon’s high desert.

At 28 ounces, the Honcho Poncho is intended for frontcountry use.

Bottom line: I find myself reaching for this multi-functional cover whenever the mercury drops.

Manufacturer’s Site: thermarest.com

 $129.95 free shipping at Moosejaw