I’ve found the perfect flannel shirt in Toad & Co’s Jacquette Overshirt. It’s cosy warm, has large hand pockets, and it has snaps instead of buttons. It’s perfect for cool weather.

I didn’t realize until the Jacquette Overshirt arrived that it is no ordinary flannel shirt. It’s lined! So, it’s much warmer than a flannel shirt, making it ideal for shoulder season weather when a warm jacket just feels like too much. It’s also doubles as a cardigan. It’s the perfect weight for wearing around the house (I always forget to turn on my radiators). Better still, it doesn’t look bulky.

I’ve been wearing the Jacquette Overshirt as a jacket for weeks. The oversized (and hidden) side pockets are so convenient when I want to warm my hands or stash my keys and phone. I love the snaps. Faster and less conspicuous than buttons, and they give the top a slightly uniform-ish look. I appreciate being able to quickly unsnap the cuffs and roll the sleeves up.

The Jacquette Overshirt scores additional points with me for its eco creds. It’s made out 60% Recycled Cotton and 40% Recycled Polyester. Who knew recycled bottles could look and feel so good? Surprisingly, the top has some moisture-wicking abilities, too, which come in handy when I find myself heading out for a short hike and don’t want to change into “hiking” or “exercise” gear.

I found a good fit in a size XL and found the size chart to be accurate. I am almost six feet tall, and have long arms. The sleeves were long enough, but when I’m reaching I wish I had another inch or two of length. I assume most women will find the sleeves just right. The top is available in sizes XS-XL and in three plaid colors, red and navy, teal and read, and purple and orange.

Also available for men as the Singlejack Long Sleeve Shirt.




Manufacturer’s Site: www.toadandco.com

$109 at Moosejaw,  Amazon 


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