River hat, river shorts, river shirt, river sandals. These are all standard, often well-worn, and beloved gear essentials on any river rat’s packing list. Until this summer, river pants weren’t even on my radar. Now that I’ve worn the Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant I realize that my list was incomplete!

It’s often sunny when I go rafting on whitewater or scenic fishing stretches of the Snake River around Jackson, WY, at least at the the start. That’s why I’ve always worn breathable long-sleeve tops and religiously applied sunscreen to any exposed skin. Now, with the Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant, I have a way to be comfortably covered-up from the waist down while playing in rivers, lakes, and streams.

On a hot, 80-degree July afternoon float of the Hoback River and the Snake River I immediately embraced the genius of the Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant. I didn’t have to slather a bunch of sunscreen on my legs because the lightweight, stretchy nylon-spandex blend fabric provided UPF 50+ protection. Getting ready to launch, I waded into the deliciously cold water to cool off and get the boat prepared. Once we were off, rowing down the Class-II cascades and riffles in the afternoon sun, the bottoms of the pant seemed to dry out magically fast, even faster than other quick-dry hiking pants I own.

I loved that the Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant was exceptionally comfortable and fit well.  It  has a shirred elastic waistband, a relaxed, movement-friendly fit through the hips and legs, and shirred elastic cuffs at the bottom, with an open seam in the back that fastens with an adjustable hooking closure (I preferred to simply leave the cuffs undone). Even better, the Sunkissed Rollup

Pant felt silky and cool against my  skin–like I was wearing silk pajamas.

On a float down the Class-III whitewater stretch of the Snake River Canyon a downpour came through as we were rigging our boats, and we waited out the worst of it from our trucks. Once it cleared and we hit the river, it never got really hot again, staying in the 70s, and we had our fair share of big water and waves crashing into the boat. I was grateful to have the extra windbreak and coverage of the Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant, especially when walking through the forest and brush to scout the biggest rapid. Once again, I was amazed by the quick-drying material. I was the only person wearing a river pant that day, and the other people in my boat, all experienced river-runners, complimented the pant’s  form and functionality.

The Toad and Co Women’s Sunkissed Rollup Pant is available for women in sizes XS – XL, in Black, Indigo, and Turquoise Cove Vine Print. I found a true-to-size fit and  an ideal length for watery activities like rafting, wet-wade fishing, and stand-up paddleboarding, with the upper-ankle-length 28” inseam. Other helpful features for the water include: zippered front pockets and snap back pockets. They are sustainably made from Bluesign-certified fabric.

Bottom Line:  This silky-soft, stretchy, quick-drying pant has me covered for all my river and water sports adventures.

Manufacturer’s site: toadandco.com

  $79 at Moosejaw