Long sleeves and summer are two things that don’t usually go together. But what about those warm days when I want to be out and about in the heat and still cover my arms from the sun? That is when my Airbrush Shirt from Toad & Co shines.

Right off the bat the organic cotton fabric was luxuriously soft. The Airbrush Shirt hangs well when I put it on, and it has a cooling effect when I move around. It’s almost like having my own personal air conditioning on a hot day. Fancy.

The styling is more than plain but not really embellished either. Overall the look is conservative, but the one distinguishable flourish is the lone breast pocket. It’s stylishly integrated into a seam that runs side-to-side from the front closure to the sleeve seam, providing just the right amount of flair

One of the things that I specially like about my Toad & Co Airbrush Shirt is that it’s long enough in back that I can ride my bike or crouch down and I know that I’ll have good coverage. No plumbers here.

The Airbrush shirt is available in both short and long sleeve styles for men and women.

Bottom Line: Whether I’m riding my bike through the countryside or spending an evening on the town with friends, my Toad & Co Airbrush Longsleeve Shirt is equally at home. A useful addition to any closet.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.toadandco.com

buy-now $69, shop at Moosejaw