I used to make fun of people who wore jeggings, and now, I take it all back. I’ve been dashing here, there, and everywhere in my Toad & Co Sidekick Jeggings, and I’ve never felt sassier.

Made out of a 53% Cotton/35% Polyester/12% Spandex blend, the Sidekick Jeggings are both soft and substantial. I was expecting a thinner material, but I think the thicker material makes the jeggings work as a pant. I don’t feel like I’m wearing running tights or the type of leggings I’d wear under a skirt. Even better, the jean styling–the belt loops, zipper, pockets–make the Sidekick Jeggings more of a slim urban pant than a scary tight with faux denim effects.

The first time I wore my Sidekick Jeggings I was getting ready to see the Who’s 50th reunion concert, frantic to look as cool as possible. After overturning my bedroom, I remembered the Sidekick Jeggings. I admit I was wary, having gained 40 pounds since I last tested pants or tights, but I slipped on the jegging with no problem, and found a near perfect fit. Not tight, not wrinkly. And a perfect match with my big black stomper boots.

whoI take rock and roll very seriously, so the fact that I was comfortable enough to never think of my pants was significant. I did a lot of walking, sitting, and dancing that night, and I’m pretty sure wearing my fancy black Sidekick Jeggings added to the magic of Pete’s windmills and Roger’s mic-swinging. Even at my largest, I felt lithe and limber wearing my soft cottony jeggings.

The Sidekick Jeggings are ideal for travel when I want to look smart but need to be comfortable. Paired with a simple t-shirt or blouse, I’m good to go.

Colors: Dark Graphite, Black. Sizes: XS-XL

Manufacturer’s Site: www.toadandco.com

buy-now$79, available at REI