I spent my summer in Seattle, Minnesota, and Iceland, wearing my Trew Gear Women’s Superlight NuYarn® Wool Pocket T almost every day.

I like to travel light, so this fun contrast colored merino tee was one of only two short-sleeve tops I packed for a two-month vacation. I loved the fit right away; the long cut through the torso and slightly body contoured shape gave me the coverage I want in an activewear top. I’m 6′ tall and have an oddly long torso, so having a women’s shirt that gives me full coverage is a huge treat. I’m also cursed with a large chest; the top fit perfectly. Not tight, not baggy. Just right. It’s a bonus that the top looks like a casual tee. I’ve worn it with hiking pants and with flowy skirts.

For such a thin fabric (17.5 microns fibers), the Women’s Superlight NuYarn® Wool Pocket T turned out to be surprisingly durable. I hiked in it, I rode buses in it, I traveled for two days on a train it it, I slept in it, I carried a heavy pack in it, I shoved it into a ball and stuffed it in my pack, I threw it on the floor after wearing it, and I wore it as a base layer under a hoody and windbreaker. It was a warming base layer on 40 degree F days and a wicking, breathing temperature regulator on hot, humid, 95 degree F days.

I have never put a shirt through so much abuse in a relatively short period of time. It performed very well. It has some pilling on bottom half of the front of the shirt, but it still looks great and has lots of wear left in it.

I like that this fabric has lots of give to it while still feeling very soft. After almost daily wear, the top still has some shape to it. I expected it to be all stretched out by now.

Women’s Superlight NuYarn® Wool Pocket T is made out of NuYarn®, am 85% merino wool and 15% nylon blend fabric that Trew Gear claims is loftier, stretchier, stronger, warmer, and faster drying than plain wool. I’d have to agree on most points. After coming out of a front-loading washer, the top dried in less than an hour on dry days.

The top does feel lighter than my 100% wool tops, and I can see how the nylon increases the durability of the garment.

I could do without the small chest pocket, but then again, I received  many compliments on the Women’s Superlight NuYarn® Wool Pocket T over the summer. I prefer wool over all other fabrics because it wicks and breathes, it dries quickly, and it resists odors naturally.

Available in women’s sizes XS-XL in black, grey, and blue. Top retails for $105, but is sold on the Trew Gear site for $59.

Bottom Line: Perfect for travel, perfect for active pursuits. I wore it for days on end in between washings, and it never really got seriously stinky. I wore it for a variety of activities, and always felt comfortable.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.trewgear.com

buy-now$105 retail/$59 on Trew site