Celebrating a great summer meant a lot of different things to me this year: jumping into a cold, blue pool after a long commutes home without changing clothes; moving 25 years and 10,000 pounds of everything in my house to a new state; grabbing kids, wife, and dogs for fast trail hikes up to a mountain lake for some fly fishing;  and meeting friends for ribeye and prosecco throw downs. Through it all, I wore Tyr’s Full Move Land to Water Shorts.

Having a seriously versatile pair of shorts added much needed simplicity to my overbooked summer. Even more important, Tyr’s Full Move Land to Water Shorts performed beautifully. The shorts excelled on trail runs, lake swims, overnight backpack trips, several pool parties, and a work conference summit at a swanky resort overlooking Lake Tahoe.

Tyr’s Full Move Land to Water Shorts have wide elastic waistband, with a stiched-in drawstring, that doesn’t bunch under pack waist belts, and that helps keep the shorts on me, even when I’m body surfing. The shorts also dry quickly, so I can go from activity to activity without changing gear.

I like the 10 ½” inseam because it covers most of my upper thigh, providing protection when I crash and covering tan lines from bike shorts. I also appreciate that Tyr’s Full Move Land to Water Shorts are generously sized and have a relaxed drape that preserves modesty after swimming sessions. No bunching or binding, either. Finally, the mesh pockets are quite handy for holding my keys and for for draining and drying quickly.

Outside of a formal occasion calling for tie and jacket–and even then, I’d be tempted if it was hot and humid enough–the Tyr Full Move Land to Water Shorts make my life simpler and better.

Available in black or turquoise in sizes small to XXL

Bottom Line: The Tyr Full Move Land to Water Shorts combine comfort, fit, durability, and quick-drying materials with a sensible waistband that makes them a top pick for just about any activity when water and hotter temperatures might come into play.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.tyr.com

buy-now $54.99, available from Tyr, via Amazon.