When I first got my iPad, I was obsessively careful with it. Afraid I would drop it, I got the thickest, clunkiest case I could find. It’s worked very well for me. But, the thing is, I’ve never dropped it, and I don’t have kids, so I don’t really need such an intense case. The Urban Armor Gear Black Case for iPad Mini is a nice compromise.

I like the tough but still sleek snap-on cover, which takes just a second to attach to my iPad. Despite its light weight, it’s built to withstand impacts and protect my precious from scratches.

The Urban Armor Gear Black Case for iPad Mini fits my iPad well, and even more important, keeps all the ports and buttons very accessible. I never have to guess where anything is like I did with my old case. The back of the case has a patterned vent design, and the case comes with colored cards to use behind the vent for a contrast colored or all-black look.

The one think I miss on this case is a screen protector. One one hand, it’s nice not having on the screen for using drawing apps where I want direct contact the the screen. On the other hand, it drives me nuts to get fingerprints on my screen. For use around the house or at work, the Urban Armor Gear Black Case for iPad Mini is just fine.

For the amount of traveling my iPad mini does, especially in rainy weather, I think I’ll ultimately end up returning to a case with more coverage rather than swap cases for different uses.

Still, I think people wanting a lightweight cover that provides port and button access will be happy with the Urban Armor Gear Black Case for iPad Mini. Fits iPad 1/2/3.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.urbanaromorgear.com
buy-now$39.95, on sale for less, plus free shipping, at Amazon.