At home or traveling, I always have Buff headwear handy. Now my favorite hat, neck gaiter, ear warmer, and headband has UV protection.

Traveling in Minnesota and in Iceland this summer, I experienced hot, cold, chilly, windy, and rainy weather. Having a Buff with UV protection gave me the versatile coverage I’m used to with the added bonus of blocking UV rays. According to Buff, the UV protection in their Coolmax Buff headwear blocks 95% of UV rays.

I love the thin, lightweight tubes because I can wear them so many different ways in so many different conditions.

This summer I enjoyed using the Buff UV Headband as much as the UV National Parks Buff. The National Parks collection features such popular national parks  as Yosemite, Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains, and Glacier. Like the original Buff, the UV National Parks Buff is seamless, ultra lightweight (and easy to pack into a pocket), great at wicking and breathing, and can be worn in 12 different ways.

I wear it most often as a beanie hat or headband to keep my ears warm on cold hikes. In Iceland’s 24-hour sun summer, I also found myself using my Buff UV headwear as a sleeping mask to help fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

One size fits most adults.

Bottom Line: I love Buff headwear. I have them stashed in coat and day pack pockets because I use them in all weather, in all temperatures, for exercising, hiking, walking, and sometimes, just for staying warm when I forget my hat.

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