Who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up every now and then? But who needs the sugar? Not me! I’ll have a Voke Tab, please.

Made out of natural energy-boosting ingredients, such as green tea leaf,  organic Gurana berries, and organic Acerola cherries, each Voke tab packs 77mg of caffeine and 100% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Voke tabs are sweetened with rebiana (a sweetener made from stevia leaves that’s much sweeter than sugar) and monk fruit. I like that. It’s not just that I want to avoid sugar; I don’t like sugary treats.

The tabs come in a thin, fancy tin that reminds me of an elegant container of pastilles from Europe. At $7 for 7 tabs, it seems like an expensive piece of candy–except that Voke tabs aren’t candy. The way Voke sees it, one tab is a natural replacement for a cup or tea or coffee, minus the calories. Their suggestion: replace one caffeinated drink per day with a Voke tab, and you’ll save $81/month (that’s $972/year)!

Better, by swapping a tab for a latte, you’ll also save more than 21 lbs of sugar, almost four grams of fat, and 72,000 calories in a year. I like all these benefits, and I love the slim tin that’s barely noticeable in my front pocket. But……I’m not sure I would ever skip a cup of chai for a chewable tablet. I like that they don’t taste sweet or sugary. Still, I’m not keen on the taste; it’s sharp and bitter. But I tend to leave them in my mouth like a lozenge rather than chew them. I also like the tabs better dissolved in a cup of water.

Having said that, I ate one before a study binge, and I did notice that I had a bit more energy and I was more alert. I can see the Vok tabs working well for anyone participating in an endurance activity, whether that’s a day-long hike or day-long road trip. The tabs are ideal  for situations where you I don’t have the luxury of taking time to savor a hot beverage or cold energy drink.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.voketab.com

buy-now $14.99 (2 Tin Pack) at Amazon.