As far as a pant for knocking around in, it’s hard to beat my Traveler Pant from White Sierra. I’ve worn it while gardening, skateboarding, hiking, biking, running errands, playing frisbee, and sitting by a campfire. This is that type of pant–a little bit casual and a little bit sporty.

Straight off the hanger, my White Sierra Traveler pant is a lightweight and simple garment. The fit is relaxed without being baggy. I have cyclist legs and my Traveler Pant is cut with plenty of room around my thighs, even when I’m riding my bike. The lightweight fabric rolls up easily to get my right right cuff away from the bike chain. It’s good to arrive with clean pants.

On a recent trip day hike exploring a nearby natural area, I ended up slipping off a rock and stepping into near knee deep water. The water repellency of of my White Sierra pant was quickly overwhelmed, but it dried quickly.

My Traveler Pant has a reasonable five pockets. They add up to enough storage space to carry all my typical pocket items: keys, wallet, phone, and knife, with room to spare for a few more small items. The pockets are minimal and streamlined enough to avoid being floppy or otherwise cumbersome.

The lightweight nylon/spandex Trek Cloth makes my Traveler Pant perfect for warm or mild days/nights. It’s been the perfect pant on warm spring days and will be great through the summer months. The slight stretchy-ness lets me reach that extra bit when climbing, jumping, etc. Sometimes that little bit of give is the difference between making the leap/step and not.

The White Sierra Traveler Pant is also available as a short.

Bottom Line: My White Sierra Traveler Pant is an excellent pant for mild weather, whether I’m exploring around town or the country.

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